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Kenneth Tramble

Kenneth Tramble


Kenneth Tramble is Deputy Sheriff in the Ouachita Parish (LA) Sheriff's Department, where, among other activities, he coordinates an after-school mentoring program for at-risk youth, called Deputies for Change. The program serves elementary- and middle-school children throughout Ouachita Parish. His other professional experience includes work as a youth investigator for the Louisiana State Department of Corrections, an undercover agent for a metropolitan narcotics unit, and an internal affairs investigator with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections. Mr. Tramble has 12 years of military experience, including service as a staff sergeant in the U.S. Army. Mr. Tramble is a two-time recipient of the National Defense Service Medal. He received his law enforcement training at the North Delta Police Academy and earned an associate degree in criminal justice from the American College of Technology.

Date Created: March 25, 2020